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1991 GMC Syclone Press Introduction

In 1990, GMC Truck Division asked Vista Group to develop a traveling road show to help introduce the automotive press to the all-new GMC Syclone.


Freelance journalist John Retsek takes a turn in the GMC Syclone

One event was held at Willow Springs Raceway, about 100 miles north of Los Angeles. Members of the automotive press were allowed to take the GMC Syclone out on road course circuit, allowing them to garner a favorable impression of this fantastic vehicle.

GMC Truck General Manager, John Rock

GMC Truck Division personnel spoke to the media to explain the GMC Syclone's advanced technology, as well as to create brand awareness among the auto enthusiast community.

Media members taking the first press photos of the GMC Syclone

During the 1991 production year, the GMC Syclone received accolades from across the automotive magazine spectrum. The press enthusiastically received the world's quickest pickup truck.

"Besides being the fastest production truck we've ever tested, the Syclone is also a nicely well-rounded package, offering much more than a powerful engine...GMC had the foresight to equip the Syclone with the first four-wheel antilock brake system available on a production truck."

Sport Truck Magazine, October 1990.

"Thanks to its full-time four-wheel-drive system and turbo engine, the Syclone has unbeatable starting line traction and incredible acceleration. It reaches 30 mph in just 1.4 seconds - quicker than any other production vehicle we have ever tested."

Car and Driver Magazine, November 1990.

"Inside, the Syclone doesn't take a backseat to anyone."

Autoweek Magazine. October 1, 1990.


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