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Over the past 23 years, Vista Group has developed creative media programs and exposure opportunities for Oldsmobile, Pontiac, Chevrolet, GMC Truck , Michelin and other Fortune 500 manufacturers and related companies.

From its production of the award winning "30 Years of Chevy Thunder, the Heartbeat of America" multi-image presentation honoring the 30th anniversary of the "small-block" V8, to its participation in the planning and execution of the "100 Years of the Automobile" exhibition for Mercedes-Benz and its recent participation in Oldsmobile's Centennial Celebration. Vista Group has combined automotive expertise with imagination to create memorable impressions that generate lasting benefits for its clients, far beyond the programs original intent.

In 1990, for example, its public relations and product placement programs for GMC Truck and Oldsmobile alone resulted in more than 330 feature articles and road tests in more than 50 magazines.

Vista Group developed, planned, and implemented the launch program for the GMC Syclone performance truck. Designed to spark the public's interest and generate increasing enthusiasm and demand for the product at its introduction date, the program began with strategic "leaks" of technical information to the media. From there, momentum was built during the year with the release of "spy" photographs and by invitation-only one-day magazine test sessions. The program culminated in a series of four dealer road shows and a national press introduction at Willow Springs Raceway. In all, the initial dealer orders were in excess of 2,200 units.



Utah's Bonneville Salt Flats is not a likely locale for a major press event. Yet, it was there that Vista staged another highly successful media program during 1990. GMC Truck again was the client, this time attempting to become the first pickup truck to break the 200 mph barrier. In a one-day symphony of exact timing, Vista Group flew a congregation of press in a chartered plane to the remote location. Landing in nearby Wendover, Utah, the reporters were whisked to a high tech campsite on the "Salt" where they heard a technical briefing and then watched as the truck set a new Land Speed Record, traveling 210 mph. They were back in their homes that same night, having been witnesses to history.

In its implementation of client Services, Vista Group has been a consistent recipient of prestigious awards, presented for excellence in automotive public relations by the National Automotive Journalism Conference. In recent years, Vista Group has received five Moto Awards, for Best Press Kit (three times), Best Audio-Visual Presentation, and Best Public Relations Campaign.

Vista Group is the nation's largest full-service public relations agency specializing in automotive public relations, marketing and/or motion picture and television product placement programs for a growing family of automotive manufacturers and related companies. 

Vista Group was also recognized by the Los Angeles Business Journal as being the largest public relations agency in the San Fernando Valley.


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